Hooters Grand Re-Opening of Atlanta!


Is This the End of the Road for Your Fellow Hooters Girl?

I’ve been working at Hooters since November of 2015. So approximately 6 months

I’ve met so many amazing people, got to go on amazing trips, and share amazing stories with my coworkers and regulars. But this may be the end of the road for your fellow Hooters Girl blogger.

Classes are ending and summer is among us. This means adjusting to coming back home, preparing for my summer abroad trip (did I tell you guys this?), and paving the way for a new journey I’m about to start.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaving Hooters for good, it will forever always have my heart. But I’m looking into other jobs over the summer, ones that require less long hour days and better flexibility on my hectic schedule.

This blog was intended to help any optimistic/future/curious girl who was ever interested in working at a place like Hooters. I sincerely hoped I helped answer some of the questions that you may have had. I know when I first started my day on the job I wished I had some tips to follow. Nonetheless, this blog will still be left public for anyone who wants to view it.

I also hope that my posts debunked some of the stereotypes that Hooters and Hooters Girls get for working there. Yes, it is an image based company and Hooters openly advertises this. Whether you agree or disagree with Hooters policy on this is entirely your right. But I do want to point out that Hooters Girls are not your stereotypical big-boobed stupid valley girl. HG’s come in all races, body types, and personalities.

Let your opinion of a Hooters Girl be your opinion.

Till next time loves<3


Hooters vs. Tilted Kilt: My Own Personal Review

Hooters was the first to her coin the term “Breastaurant” there is no denying that.

But a new restaurant is in town and its taking some of Hooters Corporation Revenue.

Its name is the “Tilted Kilt” haven’t heard of it? Here’s a quick video and some pictures to get yourselves more familiar.


Basically its Hooters 2.0 with pretty women, ice cold beer, and typical bar menu food. Nothing special. However, it is Hooters direct competitor right now battling for customers. In fact we’ve had regulars that came in all the time switch over to Tilted Kilt because of their diverse menu. 2 Hooters Girls at my job left to get jobs there too.

So I decided last week to go in Tilted Kilt to see what all the fuss is about. Now my opinion may be biased because I currently work at Hooters but nonetheless I went to see the girls, the food, and the drinks.

When I first walked in I immediately noticed the bouncer and the hostess at the door. The male bouncer wore a kilt which was strange at first glance, but then I quickly realized the theme of the restaurant is an “Irish bar/pub” feel. Whatever. The hostess sat me in the dining area.

For some odd reason it took a few minutes for my waitress to get to me, I went around 4pm so the place was kind of dead. When she approached the table I couldn’t help but stare at her outfit.

A Tilted Kilt is coming to Niskayuna.

Her entire stomach was out and her boobs were pushed up extremely. The plaid skirt sank low on her waist and she had a tattoo on her ribs. Interesting to say the least. She had a really bubbly personality (don’t we all) and rambled off the drink specials. I settled for a sprite. While she went off to fetch our drinks, I looked over at the menu and was pretty impressed with their selection.


For a bar they had various Entrees to choose from. Nice.

I ordered Bacon Egg and Cheeseburger, Well Done with a side of their famous Garlic Fries which was really really good. I was so stuffed I couldn’t even order dessert.

In all I feel like Tilted Kilt and Hooters are one in the same. Yes they have more revealing girls and a better food selection, but you can’t forget who did it first. (Hooters Clearwater,FL `1983)

Would I recommend to other eaters? Yeah its a cool place to go but I wouldn’t make it my weekly dinner spot.

Till next time loves ❤

Transferring Store Locations for the Summer: Is this possible?

Getting a job at Hooters was quite honestly one of the best decisions I made financially. When I first got the job in November and began working shifts, so much money was coming in. Before Hooters, my jobs paid hourly wage which meant I was paid weekly or biweekly. However, serving means you were paid after every shift whether it was $30 or $300.


I was able to pay for Spring Break and a trip to Mexico with the money that I’ve made.

Now that school is ending, and I’ll be home for the summer which leaves me without a job. My only option is to travel back and forth from North Jersey to Central Jersey for my job or transfer to Hooters location up North.

I thought about leaving Hooters all together and starting a new job this summer, but I felt indifferent. I love working at Hooters because I love the brand and love the money. Hooters is the best working option for me because I’m getting used to the money that I can make in one or two shifts. Especially in the summer, because I tend to spend more in the summertime.

I’m still deciding on what to do. Stay at Exit 9 Hooters and drive back to forth for my job. Or transfer Hooters location up North and be the new girl again 😦

Till next time loves<3


March Madness: The Aftermath

Since March Madness had concluded last Monday, I thought it would be a good idea to write my first hand experience waitressing during this time.


March Madness is a NCAA Men’s and Women’s Division I Basketball Tournament in single-elimination tournament played each Spring in the United States. 68 Basketball teams compete in brackets to determine the national championship of the major college team.

Now usually I am never into this kind of stuff. I like basketball and football but I don’t keep up with who wins who doesn’t, how well their defense/offense is played etc. But because I work at Hooters a glorified Sports Bar, we broadcast and show every game. This year at Hooters we made up our own NCAA Men’s brackets and picked random HG names and staff members and paired them with a team. I got Oklahoma, which ended up not being to shabby given the fact that they made it to the Final Four. Whoever had the winning team won $100. So best believe I watched every game intently, there was money riding on this.

Unfortunately if you watched the Final Four Games, you’d know that Villanova beat Oklahoma 95 to 51 -___-

So I didn’t end up winning the $100 but I did get to meet guests that would come in to root for their favorite team. March madness was also a bonding and competitive experience because every girl wanted their team to win. HG’s also wanted to work during game days because we knew it would pull in a big crowd. More people in the restaurant = more money

After the madness of March Madness was over I was a little sad, it was really the only big championship game to look forward too after the Superbowl.

Hopefully the NBA Playoffs and Championship will bring in a big crowd.


Till next time loves ❤

The Annual Hooters Bikini Show

Every year at Hooters there are a few bikini shows: one for Christmas, one for Valentine’s Day, and Fourth of July. But the most important one out of all is the Annual Store Bikini Show in which there is an elected winner and the winner then goes on to the regional bikini show.

The Regional Bikini Show showcases all the girls from the same region, so it could be all the Hooters Girls Winners from New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut with the rest of the Hooters Girls. The winners from there get to go to the International Swimsuit Pageant in Vegas where all the girls from Hooters around the world compete for the title Hooters Girl of the Year.

At the International Swimsuit Pageant in  Las Vegas, Nevada is held at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. 100 contestants compete and are chosen out of 18,000 other girls. The winner not only gets the title but $50,000 in prize money.


So the bikini show at my store location is a pretty big deal. Regulars and company managers come in to see the girls, and Hooters hires judges to grade the girls on appearance, walk, smile, etc. It is great exposure for the girls if they wanted to go into modeling, or even be the face of Hooters Girls of America.


10 Things I Wish I Knew Starting Out as an HG


Being the new girl anywhere straight up sucks. Whether its at work or at school, a new environment is nerve wracking for sure.

At Hooters, coming into a restaurant with an all female staff is tough.

30 Girls = 30 Different Personalities and Attitudes

Here are a few tips when starting your first few weeks as a Hooters Girl:

  1. Acknowledge that you are the new girl
  2. They are gonna make you do all the “bitch” work
  3. Don’t do favors for your co-workers just say they will “like you”
  4. Stand your ground on issues
  5. Don’t let anyone walk over you
  6. Try and introduce yourself to every girl, let them know your here to stay
  7. Once you get to know everyone it will get easier
  8. Be yourself! (
  9. Ask questions and ask for help if you need it
  10. Have fun!

Hooters Girl vs. Your Average Server

For many people, when you hear the Hooters Corporation as a whole, what do you think off?

  • The Infamous Orange Shorts and Tight Lycra Tank Top
  • Beautiful Women
  • Cold Beer
  • Wings, Fries and Bar Food

But Hooters is so much more than those 4 things. Hooters prides itself on Great Food and Service so hiring the right staff to fulfill those needs are essential.

The Food:

Though the menu is short and simple, Hooters Bar and Restaurant has your average Americanized food choices. Wings, Curly Fries, Onion Rings, Fried Pickles, Burgers, and Seafood. You can get food like this from any bar, restaurant, or even fast food place. Though the options are limited, the food is delicious and is the reason why people continue to come back and eat at Hooters.


The Service:

Clearly the most important out of the two. The Hooters Girls. They are the brand, the marketing, the merchandise, and the experience. Yes, you can get a burger and fries at just about any restaurant or bar. But Hooters Girls remain only at one corporation. Hooters Girls make the service that much more memorable.

Hooters Girls engage and talk to their guests outside of just ordering food. We entertain our guests by playing games, selling merchandise, hula hooping etc. Hooters encourages its employees to have personalities and let it shine through their work, that way every Hooters Girl experience is different.

Take an average restaurant/sports bar server: they greet themselves, take your orders down, bring you the food, give you the check and collect the tip.

At Hooters it is a slightly different dynamic: we’ll greet you with a cheesy line, say our name and write it on a napkin in a colored sharpie, we’ll make food and drink suggestions, and get to know you a little bit on a personal level. We also have to introduce and tell you about our Hooters Merchandise (its in our contract to do so). And if its your birthday? Forget about the basic happy birthday song, we make you stand on top of a chair, flap your wings like a chicken, and sing you our version of a happy birthday!

Being a Hooters Girl is so much more than being a server!

Till next time ❤

Possible Uniform Change?

Recently Hooters has revamped its company by marketing different promotions and products to generate revenue. A new promotion this Valentine’s Day was the #ShredYourEx in which individuals received a free buy 10 wings get 10 wings free coupon if they shredded their past ex. (See previous post for more info). Hooters has also added new mini Dessert Shooters to expand our dessert menu. hooters2bdessert2bshooters

The latest news is changing the familiar Hooters Girls Uniform to a more upgraded modern look. The shorts will remain neon orange, and the T-shirts will stay white. But everything else is in play, from the cut of the shorts to the shapes of the shirts to the design of the iconic owl, Hootie. Though the make of the uniform is still in corporate production, we should see within the next few months a new uniform debut.